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Visit your favorite landmarks. Dine in culinary excellence. Discover your Scottish and Irish roots. Immerse yourself in an array of different activities to get to the heart of British and Irish culture. Wind down in the luxurious comfort of medieval castles.
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    Luxury Britain and Ireland Tours

    Experience Scottish serenity in the untouched Highlands. Make new friends. Create new memories. Book your bespoke luxury Britain and Ireland tour now to go on an unforgettable adventure. We’re here to provide you with a luxury tour experience that’s tailored to your needs, your wants, and your preferences - everything is about you. Our extensive network of specialists will provide you with an outstanding luxury service to leave you with an experience that will live long in the memory. Choose your preferred destination below and embark on an exciting journey across Britain and Ireland.
    Luxury Tours Of Ireland, Scotland & England

    We have got everything covered in your
    Luxury Scotland and Ireland tour

    You will have your own reasons for coming on this journey which may stem from a love for history, a love for golf, a curiosity about British culture, or even an itch to discover the roots of your Scottish and Irish heritage.

    Whatever it is, we’re here to piece together your bespoke itinerary to create an unforgettable adventure that will compel you to return. This is an adventure you won’t forget.

    You will have a chauffeur who will accompany you from the moment you land and take you to each destination on your itinerary at your own pace. When it comes to hospitality, both Ireland and the UK have an eclectic collection of luxurious hotels, possessing powerful personalities that have matured over centuries. There is nothing else like it in the world.

    In between overnight stays, you will embark on an exciting day of adventure where you will be involved in a range of exciting activities that can only be found in the British Isles: a round at the home of golf, whisky distillery tours of your favorite whisky, historical excursions to some of the oldest castles in the world, a dose of Scottish serenity that can only be prescribed in the Highlands, and more. It’s all yours to experience.

    And of course, no luxury tour of the British Isles can be complete without fine dining. We know the best restaurants: Michelin Stars, fresh produce, long wine menus, wholesome British cuisine, and tastings of the finest malt whisky available.

    Private Tours

    Enjoy the comfort and privacy of our bespoke private tours where the entire schedule is planned around you. Our private tours allow you to explore at your own pace and share the experience with those closest to you.

    Historic Tours

    Discover the darkest secrets about Britain and Ireland’s past by visiting some of the most historic landmarks in the world. From the dark Edinburgh dungeons to the medieval castles dotted across the British Isles through to the imperious Wallace Monument, we have an endless list of guided tours for the discerning traveler.

    Golf Tours

    Experience a golfing nirvana on some of the most beautiful and picturesque courses in the world on our exclusive golf tour. The British Isles have an endless array of golf courses to choose from. Cherry-pick your favorite courses to include in your itinerary to go on a golfing adventure that will live long in the memory.

    Whisky Tours

    Find out how your favorite Scotch whiskies are made and discover the history, the folklore, and the fascinating tales of each distillery. Contact us now to receive your bespoke whisky itinerary now.

    Heritage Tours

    Get to the heart of your Irish and Scottish roots on our bespoke heritage tour to discover where it all began for your family. We will trace your Scottish or Irish surname and pinpoint the locations of its origins for you to visit and find out everything about your roots.



    Private Group Tours

    Book your private group tour to share an exciting adventure that’s catered to the needs of all individuals in your group. Save time, travel in comfort and enjoy the freedom of exploring the British Isles together to create special memories.




    What is the tipping culture like in Britain and Ireland?

    Unlike the USA, the tipping culture in Britain and Ireland is very lax. You are not obliged to tip. However, if you feel that you have received excellent service in a restaurant then it is common courtesy to tip. The standard tipping rate is 10% but you can go higher if you feel the service was exceptional.

    What methods of payment do you accept?

    All tour packages can be paid with any major debit or credit card. We accept the following:
    ● AMEX
    ● VISA

    Are flights included?

    We do not include flights in any of our tour packages. However, we are able to advise you on the most efficient routes available to you. Every aspect of every tour is prepared and ready for you to enjoy from the moment you land in Britain or Ireland.

    What other services are included in my tour?

    We cover an extensive range of services on each of our tours. Generally speaking, these include:
    ● Accommodation
    ● Private chauffeur
    ● Vehicle hire
    ● Tour guides
    ● Your very own dedicated Travel Co-ordinator

    Are meals covered in each tour package?

    We will always recommend you the best bars, pubs, and restaurants to dine in. However, lunch and dinner are not included in the final price unless requested. Moreover, we always ensure that bed & breakfast is covered when making hotel reservations.

    What is the best time of year to visit?

    This depends on your preferences. Do you prefer hotter temperatures with more outdoor activities? Or would you enjoy the cosy and jovial atmosphere that the festive season brings?

    Peak tourist season is between April and September, when temperatures can reach 30 degrees – most definitely if you are in the South of England. Because of the warmer climate, there are more outdoor excursions you can participate in.
    Although darker and colder, the winter months have their charm. The festive season across Britain and Ireland is a special time of year when people flock to Christmas markets and cosy pubs to enjoy each other’s company.

    What clothes should I bring?

    The weather in Britain and Ireland can be unpredictable so we would recommend bringing a variety of different clothes. The summer months can get very warm and so it is advised to pack shorts and t-shirts.

    Unexpected outbreaks of rain are always a possibility in both countries, so make sure to bring a waterproof. And as you would expect, the winter period can get very cold with temperatures sometimes dropping to below zero – make sure to bring plenty of thick, warm clothing with you.

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