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Our team will craft a stunning itinerary for you and take care over every aspect of your tour. Think delicious Irish Whiskey, Fine Dining, The Best Accommodations on a private chauffeur driven tour infused with our guaranteed Irish Charm. Get ready to fully immerse yourself in the culture of Ireland.
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    Dedicated Tour Designer

    You will be assigned an expert tour designer that will work with you to build your perfect vacation.

    Elite Tour Management

    Exceptional attention to detail, organisation and care that delivers incredible memories every time.

    Expert Driver Guides

    Our Drivers possess an unrivalled knowledge of our enchanting lands.

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    Private Whiskey Tours Of Ireland

    Visiting Ireland for a luxurious whiskey tour is an absolute must for the avid whiskey connoisseur. At Luxury Ireland Tours, we have an unrivalled knowledge of Irish distilleries. Our team will create a bespoke whiskey itinerary that infuses traditional distilleries, tutored nosings and tastings, luxury accommodation, fine dining, and scenic travel routes. Your bespoke itinerary will be much more than just a whisky tour, but a fully immersed cultural experience of Ireland. Our team will handle everything from designing your Irish whiskey vacation  itinerary, fulfilling reservations and admissions to providing you with an experienced private driver and executive vehicle.

    The Very Best

    Private Chauffeur Services

    Our extensive fleet of vehicles include multiple MPV Mercedes-Benz V-Class Vehicles (seating up to 8 people).
    We also offer a range of S and C Class Mercedes Vehicles. For larger groups, we have a range of luxury coaches that vary in size from 15 to 40 seats. Our friendly drivers and high-end vehicles make travelling around Ireland a comfortable and enjoyable experience. 

    The Very Best

    Tour Design & Complete Tour Management Service

    Arranging Distillery Tours & Tastings
    Our reservation team will book all the whisky distillery tours and tastings. At each distillery you will be shown round by a passionate and knowledgeable guide. At the end of each whiskey tour there is normally a tutored nosing and tasting. If you are interested in a more bespoke distillery tour, we can organise private tours with in-depth nosings and tastings.

    Hotel & Dinner Reservations
    Once your unique itinerary has been confirmed and your deposit has been received, our bookings operator will reserve all hotel rooms and restaurants. Ireland has a truly amazing range of luxury hotels, from country manor hotels like Ashford Castle, to boutique gems like Cliff House Hotel. At Luxury Ireland Tours, we only recommend hotels that we have personally stayed in and that have great reviews from previous clients.

    Organising Excursions & Activities
    Many of our clients enjoy visiting cultural hot spots, playing golf, or viewing the breath-taking coastal scenery to break up their whisky tour. From the Cliffs of Moher to The Book of Kells, our team can arrange any other excursions to suit your interests.

    Ireland Whiskey Tours FAQ’s

    How much do your Tours Cost?

    Our whiskey tours start at £2000 per head. This includes accommodation at 4-star hotels, a private driver, airport transfers, all excursions, and a 24-hour concierge service.

    Is there an Age Limit for the Tours?

    All participants must be over the age of 18, as this is the legal drinking age in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

    How Long are the Tours?

    At Luxury Ireland Tours, we create fully bespoke itineraries to meet your needs. From private 4-day tours to 30+day tours, we can accommodate any timeframe.

    How Many People Can Go On Each Tour?

    Minimum 1, There is no maximum number. Our large fleet of executive vehicles means that we can accommodate small to large private groups.

    Can We See More Than Just Whisky Distilleries?

    At Luxury Ireland Tours, our aim is to create a tour that fits your exact criteria. If you are an avid whiskey fan and just want to visit distilleries, we can reflect this in the itinerary. If you would like an itinerary with a combination of activities, such as whisky tours, cultural sites, golf, and scenery, we can provide a bespoke itinerary to reflect your wishes.

    What Are Best Whisky Distilleries To Visit?

    There are so many great distilleries and whiskey experiences but here are some of favourites that do amazing whiskey tastings and distillery tours.

    -Bushmills Distillery
    -Jameson Distillery Tour
    -Teeling Whiskey Distillery
    -Dingle Distillery
    -Kilbeggan Distillery
    -Cooley Distillery
    -Old Midleton Distillery
    -Tullamore Dew Distillery
    -Irish Whiskey Museum

    What Distilleries Have The Best Whiskey Tastings?

    There are a lot of great whisky distilleries to choose from but we highly recommend the following

    -Bushmills Whiskey Tasting
    -Tullamore Dew Whiskey Tasting
    -Kilbeggan Whiskey Tasting

    What Are The Best Whiskey Distillery Tours?

    There are so many great whisky distillery tours but here are a few of our favourites?

    – The Apprentice Tour at Dingle Distillery.
    -The Curious Tasters Journey at Tullamore Distillery.
    -The Academy Experience at Jameson Distillery Midleton, Co. Cork

    What can I expect from a luxury whisky vacation in Ireland?

    A luxury whisky vacation in Ireland offers an immersive experience into the heart of Irish whisky culture and tradition. Expect to stay in premium accommodations, ranging from historic castles to boutique hotels, offering unmatched comfort and Irish hospitality. Exclusive tours of renowned distilleries, such as Jameson, Bushmills, and new artisanal players, allow you to explore the whisky-making process from malting to maturation. Tastings led by expert distillers offer insights into flavor profiles and aging processes. Enjoy scenic drives through Ireland’s lush landscapes and private visits to hidden gems. Culinary experiences will pair exquisite Irish cuisine with the perfect whisky, creating unforgettable memories.

    How do I choose the right luxury whisky tour in Ireland for me?

    Choosing the right luxury whisky tour in Ireland depends on your interests and preferences. If you’re keen on exploring Ireland’s whisky heritage, look for tours that include visits to both historic and new distilleries, offering a breadth of whisky-making traditions and innovations. Consider the exclusivity of the experiences, such as private tastings, meetings with master distillers, and access to limited-edition whiskies. Evaluate the level of accommodation, ensuring it meets your luxury standards. Also, check if the tour offers cultural and scenic excursions beyond whisky, such as visits to ancient castles, natural wonders, and artisanal food producers. Reading reviews and seeking personalized recommendations from luxury travel experts can also guide your decision.

    What is the best time of year to go on a luxury whisky vacation in Ireland?

    The best time to embark on a luxury whisky vacation in Ireland is during the spring (March to May) or autumn (September to November). These seasons offer mild weather, fewer tourists, and the lush landscapes Ireland is famous for, enhancing the scenic drives between distilleries and sights. Spring is ideal for witnessing the countryside bloom, while autumn offers a spectacular display of fall colors. Distilleries operate year-round, with these seasons providing a comfortable climate for both indoor tours and outdoor explorations. Moreover, these periods might coincide with whisky festivals or special events, offering additional unique experiences to your luxury whisky vacation.

    From just 4 distilleries in 2013, Ireland now has over 30 Whiskey Distilleries in Operation (with many more planned)

    Here Are A Few Of Our Favourite Irish Whiskey Distilleries

    Old Bushmills Distillery, Co. Antrim

    Located on the north coast of Northern Ireland, Bushmills is steeped in Irish history and is the country’s oldest working distillery. Water from the stream that runs by the distillery is combined with Irish barley to make a great tasting whiskey that has been a favourite of many for hundreds of years. The whiskey tour is fantastic and your guide will teach you the art of authentic ancient Irish whiskey distilling. At the end of the tour, you will be treated to a couple of drams.

    Jameson Experience, Midleton, Co. Cork

    This ancient distillery opened in the 17th century and is arguably the most famous Irish whisky. The museum and visitor centre opened in 1992, and there are four different tours to choose from. We highly recommend the “Academy Experience”, where you get to visit the working distillery, witness the art of distillation in action and taste whisky straight from the barrel!

    The Tullamore Distillery, Co. Offaly

    This famous distillery is located in the heart of Ireland and originally opened in 1829. Although not the oldest distillery in Ireland, Tullamore was the first to create a blended whiskey. There are three different whiskey tours available to visitors:
     – The Curious Tasters Journey. You will enjoy a guided tour of the distillery by an expert guide. At the end of the tour you will sample three different whiskies.
     – The Whiskey Wise Master Class. This tour is similar to the “Curious Tasters Journey” except you sample 6 different whiskies throughout the tour.
    The Ultimate Distillery Experience. This one is for the avid whiskey fan. Your guide takes you to a blending room where you get to create your own blend of whiskey. In addition, you get an in-depth tour of the production process. This is one of the most hands-on whiskey experiences in the world!

    Kilbeggan Distillery, Co. Westmeath

    Kilbeggan Distillery was registered in 1757 and sits on the idyllic banks of the River Brosna. The whiskey distillery offers three tour options:
     – The Apprentice Tour. You will be guided round this ancient distillery and treated to three drams.
    The “Distillers Tour”. This tour offers an opportunity to meet the distillers and taste 4 types of Kilbeggan whiskey.
    The “Connoisseur Experience”. This tour allows you to bottle your own 200ml sample and enjoy an extensive tasting session. 

    Dingle Distillery, Co. Kerry

    Kilbeggan Distillery was registered in 1757 and sits on the idyllic banks of the River Brosna. The distillery offers three distillery tour options:
     – The Apprentice Tour. You will be guided round this ancient distillery and treated to three drams.
    The “Distillers Tour”. This tour offers an opportunity to meet the distillers and taste 4 types of Kilbeggan whiskey.
    The “Connoisseur Experience”. This tour allows you to bottle your own 200ml sample and enjoy an extensive whiskey tasting session.  



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