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Have you ever been curious about your Irish heritage? For many of us, our past remains unclear and the mystery surrounding our background and the origins of our family name becomes an insatiable itch.
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    Immerse yourself in the splendour of the Emerald Isle with Luxury Ireland Tours, where we elevate the pursuit of ancestral discovery to an art form. As a passionate local tour operator specialising in luxury ancestry and heritage tours, we understand that exploring your roots is a journey of the heart and soul. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating a seamless and sumptuous experience tailored just for you.

    Our expert team, with a deep affection for Irish heritage, takes personal care of every detail. From the meticulous planning of your personalised itinerary to arranging your stay in the finest hotels and activities, we ensure each moment is memorable. Luxurious transport is more than a conveyance; it’s the space where you relax as the lush Irish landscape unfolds before you, all while accompanied by our experienced local guides who bring the tapestry of Ireland’s history to vibrant life.

    Why Choose Luxury Ireland Tours?

    Flawless Service with 5-Star Reviews

    Our 5-star reviews are a beacon of the exceptional service we provide. We deliver flawlessly planned and executed tours that impress even the most discerning of travellers. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the rave reviews from our clients, who have experienced the height of travel luxury with us.

    Local Expertise in Ireland and Scotland

    As natives deeply rooted in Ireland and Scotland, our expertise is unparalleled. We are passionate about our homeland and have personally visited all the hotels and activities we recommend. This hands-on approach ensures that our clients receive authentic and deeply engaging experiences, curated by those who know and love the land best.

    Dedicated Travel Coordinator

    With Luxury Ireland Tours, you will have a Dedicated Travel Coordinator—a guardian of your travel plans, attending to every detail such as hotel reservations, dining arrangements, and excursions. This meticulous attention to detail ensures a seamless journey, and our coordinators are always on hand to resolve any issues swiftly, enhancing your travel experience.

    Bespoke Itinerary Planning

    Our bespoke itineraries are masterpieces of travel planning, tailored to encapsulate all your interests and desires. We are not just planners; we are creators of unique, personalized journeys that capture the essence of Ireland, crafted to fulfill your every request and exceed your expectations.

    Unbreakable Supplier Relationships

    We pride ourselves on our strong, unbreakable relationships with suppliers, granting our clients exclusive access to the finest that Ireland has to offer. From luxury hotels to private experiences, our partnerships enable us to provide a level of quality and exclusivity that defines the luxury travel experience.
    Each of these points highlights the thoughtful, personal, and exclusive nature of the journeys crafted by Luxury Ireland Tours, ensuring that your trip will be an unparalleled exploration of Irish heritage and luxury.

    Our Travel Planning & Booking Process

    Personalised Travel Planning

    Upon your initial inquiry, our dedicated travel planning team springs into action. We take the time to understand every nuance of your desired experience, including preferred tour dates, trip duration, specific interests, and all the finer details that will make your journey uniquely yours.

    Creating Your Bespoke Itinerary

    Armed with your vision, our travel advisor crafts a bespoke itinerary tailored to your every requirement. You’ll receive a comprehensive draft, complete with beautiful imagery, for your review. This visual and detailed proposal allows you to fully envisage your upcoming Irish sojourn.

    Iterative Itinerary Refinement

    In collaboration with your travel planner, you’ll refine and perfect your itinerary. This iterative process ensures that each day of your tour is aligned with your expectations and that every experience is curated to delight and inspire you.

    Seamless Booking and Coordination

    Following the finalisation of your itinerary, you’ll secure your adventure with a deposit. At this stage, we assign you a personal travel coordinator who meticulously books all accommodations, excursions, and dining experiences. With this expert handling of all arrangements, you can set foot in Ireland with the confidence that every detail has been taken care of.

    Begin Your Irish Adventure

    Upon arrival in Ireland, you will be warmly greeted by one of our expert driver-guides. You’ll be presented with a stunning hard copy of your itinerary, setting the tone for the exceptional experience that awaits. From the first welcome to the final farewell, your journey through Ireland will be one of effortless discovery and profound enjoyment.

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    What’s Included in Your Ancestry Tour Package?

    Custom Itinerary

    Your journey will be guided by a custom itinerary, meticulously designed to reflect your personal interests and desires, ensuring a travel experience that is as unique as you are.

    Airport Transfers

    From the moment you land to your departure, we provide seamless airport transfers, ensuring your comfort and peace of mind as you travel.

    Accommodations with Breakfast

    Stay in the finest accommodations, where each morning begins with a sumptuous breakfast setting you up for the day’s adventures.

    Private Driver with Luxurious Vehicle

    Explore Ireland in style with a private driver at the helm of a luxurious vehicle, such as a Mercedes V Class, offering the utmost in comfort and class.

    All Tourist Attractions, Golf, Whiskey Tours, Private Guides

    Gain access to an array of exclusive experiences, including coveted tourist attractions, prestigious golf courses, whiskey tours, and the insights of private guides.

    Dedicated Tour Coordinator

    Throughout your trip, a dedicated tour coordinator will be at your service to answer any questions and ensure your travel experience is flawless.

    Popular Irish Surnames That We Often Create Ancestry Tours Around


    Originating from the ancient Gaelic clan Eóganachta, the O’Sullivans have played a profound role in Irish history, particularly in Munster. They are famed for their resilience, exemplified by the epic O’Sullivan Beare’s march during the Nine Years’ War, a testament to their endurance. The Beara Peninsula and Dursey Island remain emblematic of their historical domain, encapsulating a landscape as rugged and enduring as the clan’s own legacy. Their story is one of determination and survival, mirroring the indomitable spirit of Ireland itself.


    As descendants of the great High King Brian Boru, the O’Briens wielded considerable influence in medieval Ireland, especially in Munster. Their lineage includes Donough O’Brien, who founded the Franciscan friary in Ennis. The majestic Dromoland Castle, once a family stronghold, and the historic Battle of Clontarf are etched into their narrative. The O’Briens have contributed significantly to the political and military fabric of Ireland, maintaining a noble presence that continues to resonate through the halls of their ancestral estates.


    The Walsh family, descended from the Norman de Bhaldraithe, were quickly assimilated into Irish culture, becoming one of the ‘Hiberno-Norman’ families. Their name, meaning ‘Welsh’, denotes their origin and spread across South-East Ireland, leaving their imprint in the form of place names, such as the Walsh Mountains in Kilkenny, and through their participation in significant historical events like the Norman invasion, which shaped their trajectory in Irish history.


    The Byrne family, deriving from the Uí Dúnlainge kings of Leinster, has a storied presence in the mountainous terrains of Wicklow. Historically known for their resistance against English rule, they played a central role in the insurrections of the 16th century. Their legacy is preserved in the valleys and glens of their homeland, where the echoes of their once-powerful clan can still be felt amidst the heather and hill forts that dot the landscape, a reminder of their past prominence.


    Murphy is the most common surname in Ireland and is prevalent in both the USA, UK, and Canada, where interestingly enough, is the second most common name in the country. In fact, the name is so widespread that there are over 50,000 bearers of the name in Ireland and even more in the USA.

    It’s derived from the Gaelic personal names MacMurchadh and O’Murchadh meaning sea warrior or sea battler. The origins of the name can first be found in the county of Wexford. Over time, the Murphys began to spread across Ireland with Leinster county becoming an eventual stronghold for the clan.


    Although not quite as pervasive as Murphy, Kelly is one of the most popular surnames in Ireland,  coming in second. The surname was first found in the southwest of Ireland and is derived from O’Ceallaigh, which in Gaelic translates to either ‘bright headed’ or ‘troublesome.’

    Interestingly, a historical reference suggests there may have been a family relationship between the Kellys and the king of England, Henry II. Today, the ubiquity of Kelly is still prominent with it remaining a popular first name for many women in the USA.


    Ryan is an Anglicised version of the Gaelic O’Maoilriaghain/O’Maoilriain and the first records of its spelling were identified during the reign of Gerald between 1369 and 1374. Interestingly, the surname is a blend of the word Gaelic ‘righ’ and the grammatical article ‘an,’ which put together means ‘little king.’ Today Ryan is a widespread first name, not only in Ireland but also in the UK and USA.


    The Farrell clan, known in Gaelic as Ó Fearghail, were esteemed lords of Annaly, an ancient territory encompassing much of modern-day Longford. Their history is marked by robust leadership and a fierce commitment to Gaelic law and tradition. The Farrells are remembered for their vigorous defense against Anglo-Norman incursions and for their stewardship of a region that was a bastion of native Irish culture, with their legacy still palpable across the Midlands.


    The O’Farrells, bearing the same Gaelic lineage as the Farrells, held the lordship of Annaly with a distinguished history of governance and resistance. They were recognized for their strategic acumen, evident in the layout of their castles and fortifications, and for their role in regional power dynamics throughout the tumultuous medieval period. The legacy of the O’Farrells is a testament to the resilience of Irish chieftaincies in the face of changing political landscapes.


    The Fitzgerald dynasty, a storied Norman-Irish lineage, has been instrumental in Ireland’s history since their arrival during the invasions of the 12th century. Their legacy is one of political power, cultural patronage, and military might, seen in the establishment of monasteries and the fortification of their estates, like Glin Castle. The Fitzgeralds’ influence spread across Munster and beyond, and they played key roles in major historical events, including the Desmond Rebellions, shaping their enduring legacy.


    Deriving from at least six different Irish septs across Ireland, the O’Connor roots are difficult to trace. But with its variants, the surname is believed to come from O’Conchobhair which translates as either ‘lover of hounds’, ‘wolf-lover’ or ‘patron of warriors. The most famous sept of the six was the Connacht O’Connors, who provided the last two kings of Ireland. Being steeped in historic royalty, if you are an O’Connor, you can take pride in being a descendant of Gaelic aristocracy.


    An entire library section can be dedicated to the O’Neills, who have such a rich history that it dates as far back as 360 A.D. O’Neill originates from the revered warrior and king of Ireland,  Niall of the Nine Hostages.

    The translation of ‘Niall’ is still disputed today with experts believing it to mean ‘cloud’, ‘passionate,’ or ‘champion.’ The king carries a promiscuous reputation and is believed for being responsible for three million descendants around the world. 


    The O’Donnells, famed rulers of Tír Chonaill in Ulster, were key figures in the Gaelic resistance against English expansion, most notably during the Nine Years’ War. Their ancestral seat, Donegal Castle, remains a monument to their past glory. The Flight of the Earls marks a significant historical event that underscores their legacy, a narrative of power, resistance, and the enduring struggle for Irish sovereignty that is inseparable from the fabric of Ulster’s history.


    Labelled as ‘the extroverted one,’ the O’Reilly roots come from the ancient Irish name O’Raghaillach, meaning ‘descendant of Raghaillach.’ The family was renowned for being the most powerful sept in the Gaelic kingdom and still to this day the surname is very prevalent in the region.

    They were renowned traders in the early 1300s, creating their own coinage by ‘clipping’ coins from England at a time when reilly was a term for Irish money. In recent times, Reilly has grown to become a trendy name given to both boys and girls in the US.

    Our Favourite Ancestral Activities

    The National Library Of Ireland

    The National Library of Ireland is a gateway to the past for those tracing their Irish ancestry. Its extensive collections of books, maps, manuscripts, photographs, and newspapers offer an intimate look into Ireland’s history and society. The library’s genealogy service, which includes detailed parish records and civil registrations, is invaluable for building a family tree and uncovering the lives of ancestors.

    Cobh Heritage Centre

    The Cobh Heritage Centre stands as a poignant reminder of Ireland’s complex emigration history. It vividly portrays the conditions that drove millions to leave their homeland, with exhibitions that recount the personal stories of emigration, particularly during the Great Famine. Visitors to the Cobh Heritage centre can explore interactive displays and records that may hold keys to their family history, particularly for those whose ancestors emigrated through Cobh, once known as Queenstown.

    Kennedy Homestead

    The Kennedy Homestead is more than a historical site; it’s an embodiment of the Irish-American dream. Birthplace of President John F. Kennedy’s great-grandfather, it showcases the Kennedys’ rise from Irish emigrants to leaders in American politics. The homestead provides a narrative that resonates with many Irish-American families, symbolizing hope, resilience, and the enduring ties between Ireland and the United States.

    The Ulster American Folk Park

    The Ulster American Folk Park in Omagh, Northern Ireland, offers a dynamic exploration of the emigrant experience. Here, visitors can step back in time and traverse the ocean on a full-scale emigrant ship to understand the poignant realities of the journey to the New World. Through storytelling and reenactments, it becomes a vivid classroom of the past, where one can gain a tangible sense of their ancestors’ resilience and hopes. It’s an immersive way to connect with the emigrant narrative and appreciate the cultural fabric that Irish ancestors wove across the Atlantic. A must visit for anyone looking to explore their Irish family tree.

    National Famine Museum

    The National Famine Museum at Strokestown Park provides a harrowing look into one of Ireland’s darkest periods. Through its interactive exhibits and preserved documents, it tells the story of the Great Famine and its catastrophic impact, offering a profound context for the lives and struggles of ancestors during the 1840s. The museum is a solemn space for reflection and understanding, allowing descendants to honor the resilience of those who endured such hardship and those who emigrated in the face of adversity.

    Ireland West Farmstay

    An Ireland West Farmstay is an invitation to live the rustic, pastoral life many Irish ancestors knew. It’s a deep dive into the agrarian roots of Ireland, showcasing the traditional farming practices, daily life, and community spirit that shaped generations. Staying on a working farm offers a hands-on connection to history, an intimate way to experience the hardworking ethos and family values that are a hallmark of Irish heritage.

    The Irish Emigration Museum (EPIC)

    EPIC The Irish Emmigration Museum in Dublin’s docklands is a modern testament to the Irish diaspora’s impact worldwide. Interactive displays and personal stories bring to life the trials, triumphs, and global contributions of Irish emigrants. It’s a place to celebrate the indomitable Irish spirit, making it an uplifting destination for anyone seeking to understand their Irish roots in the context of world history and Irish emigration.

    Titanic Experience Cobh

    The Titanic Experience Cobh, located in the original White Star Line building, offers an emotional insight into the ill-fated Titanic’s last port of call. The personalized stories of passengers, many of Irish descent, provide a connection to the tragedy that touched so many lives and families. It’s a poignant tribute to the hopes and dreams of those who sought a new life across the ocean.

    Dunbrody Famine Ship

    The Dunbrody Famine Ship is a faithful replica of a 19th-century vessel that carried Irish emigrants during the Great Famine. Visitors can explore the ship and engage with exhibits that detail the journey of those who left Ireland amid dire conditions. The ship is a stark reminder of the bravery and desperation of those ancestors, providing a visceral connection to their experience.

    Fastnet Rock Tour

    Fastnet Rock, known as ‘Ireland’s Teardrop,’ was the last sight of Ireland for many emigrants. A tour to this remote lighthouse is a pilgrimage to the edge of the old world, offering a symbolic connection to those who left Ireland’s shores. The rock’s history as a beacon for mariners makes it a poignant symbol of hope and departure.

    Kerry Bog Village Museum

    The Kerry Bog Village Museum offers a window into the lives of Ireland’s rural ancestors. The preserved thatched cottages and demonstrations of bog cutting connect visitors to the country’s peatland heritage. This historical setting helps one to appreciate the simplicity and struggles of earlier Irish life, providing a backdrop to the stories of countless families.


    How Much Does a Private Tour Cost?

    Determining the cost of a private tour with us involves several factors, including the number of nights, your choice of hotels and rooms, as well as the time of year you wish to travel. Prices generally commence from £4000 to £5000 per person. This range is indicative and may vary, designed to cater to a truly personalized and luxurious touring experience.

    Do You Get the Same Private Driver for the Whole Tour?

    Absolutely, we provide continuity and personalisation by ensuring you have the same informed and capable driver throughout your entire journey. Our drivers are chosen for their local knowledge and professionalism. While they are not certified tour guides, upon request, we are happy to arrange for professional guides to accompany you to specific sites of interest.

    Do You Book Flights?

    While we do not directly book flights, we offer comprehensive advice to help you choose flights that align with your tour start and end dates. We recommend booking your flights before paying the deposit to ensure the travel dates coincide seamlessly with your touring schedule.

    How much information do I need to provide about my ancestry to get started?

    To begin the ancestry discovery process, any information you can provide about your family history will be helpful. This can include names, dates of birth, marriage, or death, and any known locations in Ireland where your ancestors may have lived. Even if you have limited information, our genealogy experts can use what you provide as a starting point to uncover more about your lineage.

    What if my family records are scarce or hard to find?

    It’s not uncommon to encounter challenges when tracing ancestry, especially with records that are scarce or difficult to access. Our team includes skilled genealogists who utilize a wide range of resources, both online and in local archives, to piece together your family history. We’re experienced in overcoming these hurdles and are committed to conducting thorough research to uncover your roots.

    Can Luxury Ireland Tours help me obtain official documents related to my ancestry?

    Yes, part of our service includes assisting you in obtaining copies of official documents such as birth certificates, marriage records, and other vital records that pertain to your Irish ancestry. Our team can guide you through the process and, in some cases, retrieve these documents on your behalf during your tour.

    Is it possible to meet with local historians or experts in my family’s region of origin?

    Absolutely. We believe in creating deeply personal and meaningful connections to your ancestry. Where possible, we arrange meetings with local historians or experts familiar with your family’s region of origin. These encounters can provide valuable insights and add a rich layer of context to your ancestry tour.

    What happens if we discover new information about my ancestry during the tour?

    Discovering new information is one of the exciting possibilities of an ancestry tour. Should new details emerge during your trip, our flexible itineraries allow us to adapt and explore these newfound connections. Whether it’s visiting a newly discovered ancestral home or adjusting our research focus, our goal is to make your journey as fulfilling and informative as possible.

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