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The Best 19th Holes In Ireland And Northern Ireland

The Best 19th Holes In Ireland And Northern Ireland

Most golfers know that the 19th hole isn’t just some stop after the last putt, it’s a place where people go to seek a slice of golfing paradise. The emerald greens of Ireland and Northern Ireland are no exception to this rule. Whether you’re swinging clubs on world-class courses or seeking Irish hospitality, the perfect 19th hole blends a love for golf with the joy of a good yarn over a pint.

Here’s a quick summary of the top 19th holes in Ireland:

Killarney Golf & Fishing Club & J.M. Reidy’s, Old Head & The Spaniard, Ballybunion & McMunn’s, Waterville & The Fishermen’s, Royal Portrush & The Harbour Bar, Ballyliffin & Linx, Tralee & Foxy John’s, Portmarnock & Gibney’s, The European Club & Jack White’s Inn, Lahinch & Frawley’s Bar.

Killarney Golf & Fishing Club & J.M. Reidy’s

Encapsulated by the scenic Killarney National Park, the Killarney Golf & Fishing Club offers golfers amazing views and fairways that can rival that of a championship course. Post-round, J.M. Reidy’s awaits – a historic pub where the charm of Ireland and the camaraderie of the game come alive, a perfect end to a day on the links.


Old Head & The Spaniard

Do yourself a favour and embark on a golf adventure to Old Head in County Cork. Here, you’ll find one of the best golf courses in Ireland and an amazing panorama of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Spaniard, which is just a stone’s throw away, serves up hearty fare with stunning views, kindling the spirit of Kinsale. It’s a place where the tales of seafarers and golfers collide, creating an experience as unforgettable as the landscape itself.


Ballybunion & McMunn’s

At Ballybunion, the golf fans whisper tales of legends and the golf club’s history-laden links hug the wild Kerry coast. Just a tee’s throw away, you’ll find McMunn’s; a gastro pub that offers a warm Irish welcome. You’ll simply love how it overlooks the Atlantic.

It’s an escape where golf lore and local flavour converge, and where every meal is infused with the spirit of the storied greens.


Waterville & The Fishermen’s

Near Waterville Golf Links lies a popular haven for Irish golf club enthusiasts: The Fishermen’s Bar. It’s a cosy retreat echoing with the laughter of golf legends like Mark O’Meara and Payne Stewart. If you visit, you’ll instantly feel the spirit of the game and the warmth of Irish hospitality. It’s a post-round sanctuary with the same passion for tradition and camaraderie that defines the links of Waterville.


Royal Portrush & The Harbour Bar

At Royal Portrush, golf club legends and weekend warriors alike challenge the dunes, while The Harbour Bar stands as one of the most famous symbols in Northern Ireland. Here, Guinness flows as freely as the stories of triumph and near-misses.


Ballyliffin & Linx

Ballyliffin’s dunes challenge even the most seasoned golfers, and Linx Restaurant is where they recount their tales. With the best fish and chips looking over the rolling greens, Linx is a culinary gem nestled within the renowned golf club. It’s teeming with the spirit of Inishowen’s rugged beauty and each dish served there is a memorable part of the Ballyliffin experience.


Tralee & Foxy John’s

After a round at Tralee, you’ll likely be tired from fighting the Atlantic winds with every swing, so why not head over to Foxy John’s in Dingle? It offers a quirky, unforgettable 19th-hole experience, blending a traditional Irish pub with a hardware store. The atmosphere there is as rich as the history, with locals and golfers mingling over pints and tales of the day’s play.

All this is surrounded by the charm of a town celebrated for its vibrant spirit and warm welcomes.


Portmarnock & Gibney’s

Portmarnock Golf Club and Gibney’s of Malahide are a match made in Irish golf heaven. Gibney’s, a traditional pub since 1937, offers your typical warm pub atmosphere. Golf enthusiasts from all over Ireland come here to recount tales of their day on the links, with the Atlantic Ocean as their backdrop. The pub’s charm complements the stunning views and challenging golf holes of Portmarnock.


The European Club & Jack White’s Inn

The European Club, a jewel among Irish golf courses, offers a canvas where the game’s artistry is displayed against the backdrop of Wicklow’s rugged dunes. And then there’s Jack White’s Inn, a pub that perfectly captures the essence of Ireland’s golfing spirit. It’s an essential experience for those seeking the soul of Irish golf.


Lahinch & Frawley’s Bar

Lahinch Golf Club, with its historical course, is a pilgrimage for golfers, and Frawley’s Bar is your stereotypical Irish pub, perfect for recounting every shot. Its beer garden offers a nice spot to unwind, with the ocean breeze mingling with stories of the links.

This golf club’s watering hole is where the spirit of the game and the charm of Lahinch come together in harmony.



Where are Ireland and Northern Ireland’s oldest golf clubs?

Ireland’s oldest golf club is the Royal Curragh Golf Club. Like in Ireland, Northern Ireland is also home to some of the oldest golf clubs in the world, such as Portstewart Golf Club, Castlerock Golf Club, and Ardglass Golf Club.

Is golfing expensive in Ireland?

Like most places, links golf in Ireland can range from affordable to premium, with green fees varying widely. For example, courses like Old Head Golf Links may charge up to €395 for their green fee.

Where can Northern Ireland’s most famous golf course be found?

Northern Ireland’s most famous and arguably best golf course is the Royal County Down. Visiting golfers can find it in the Murlough Nature Reserve.

Final Word

As the sun sets on our golf tours of Ireland and Northern Ireland’s finest, it’s clear that the true spirit of the game lives on beyond the 18th hole. Each 19th hole we’ve explored offers a unique story, a warm welcome, and a toast to the joys of golf. Here’s to finding your perfect watering hole on your next golf trip.